Niko(Exotic Violin)player  Haruyo Kimura

The Niko is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument, which may also be called a “Exotic 2 Strings Violin”.
Study says legendary King Ravana in Veda era, who ruled Southern India and Ceylon Island invented the original form of Niko, known as ancient instrumental Ravanastron.
Ravanastron, known as the origin of many bowed musical instrument, had spread to the other part of Eurasia. Then about 1000 years ago, this instrument was introduced to China through the Silk Road.
In China, this instrument had been developed for hundreds of years, and is named Erhu. Japan, the final destination of Silk Road in the east, finally met this two stringed bowed musical instrument thousands of years after Veda era. Erhu in Japan has been developing as Niko independently since 1980s especially after Japan China Joint Communique 1972.

Haruyo Kimura was born in Kobe Japan. She is highly valued for bringing out the best characteristic of Niko & Kokyu which both sound like a woman singing. Her tune simulates the sound of singing and she is named as Diva in the world of Niko.
She performs in various locations for over 100 stages a year, and has released various CDs. She has appeared in NHK (Japanese National Broad Casting Corp) radio drama & many movies. She is definitely one of the most progressive musician of thie present day.

●Chendao At Music Festival, she played along with accordion & guitar as part of JADOH rock band. (Thailand)

●Seoul At Japan Korea music exchange event, she played Niko and sang a Enka song. (South Korea)
●Qatar Airline Tokyo to Doha Opening Ceremony (Japan)
●Bangalore National Gallery of Modern Art Supported by Bangalore School of Music (India)

●Bangalore Consulate of Japan New year reception (India)
●The Alliance francaise de Bangalore (Supported by The Lotus and Chrysanthemum Trust) (India)
●Invest Karnataka 2016 (India)
●The UNESCO World Heritage site Mt. Koya (Kongo Buji Danjo Garan 金剛峰寺 壇上伽藍) (Japan)